A simple step-by-step guide on how to track your vehicles.

Searching for a vehicle

  1. Click the Vehicles tab.
  2. Select your vehicle or key it in the Plate Number search bar.

Locating your vehicle

  1. After selecting your vehicle, you'll see 3 tabs; Locate, Trips and Info. 
  2. Under the Locate tab, the location and other information regarding the status of the vehicle can be seen.
  3. The controls available will be based on your subscription plan
  4. The Status indicates if your vehicle is either Moving, Stopped or Idle.
  5. The Location shows the address and coordinates of your vehicle. You can click on the magnifying glass to open it in your default Maps provider. 

Disclaimer: This image belongs to Google Maps and in no way is associated to Omnimatics. It is for sample purposes. Disclaimer: This image belongs to Google Maps and in no way is associated to Omnimatics. It is for sample purposes.

Vehicle Scoring

  1. The percentage shown at the vehicle icon is your Vehicle Score based on the violations of total trips.
  2. The calculations for Vehicle Score are as follows:
  • Overspeed percentage (Percentage of a trip where you exceed 110km/h).

    • More than 10% = Bad (0 score)

    • 5-10% = Okay (1 score)

    • <5% = Good (2 score)

  • Rough driving (Number of violations included - Fast Acceleration, Hard Braking, Rough Driving, No Warmup,  Long Drive, High RPM).

    • More than 4 violations = Bad (0 score)

    • 2-4 violations = Okay (1 score)

    • <2 violations = Good (2 score)

  • Mileage (Total distance of your trip)

    • >70km = Bad (0 score)

    • 50-70km = Okay (1 score)

    • <50km = Good (2 score)

  • Total score = (Overspeed percentage score + Rough driving score + Mileage score) / 6 X 100%

Vehicle Control Features

  1. The Connection shows the connection status of your vehicle for your Vehicle Controls. 
  2. Vehicle Controls: Mobilise/Immobilise Vehicle, Lock/Unlock Vehicle Door, activate Vehicle Horn and Hazard Lights (available on the Car Sharing Plan).



Vehicle Status

  1. From left to right, the icons indicate:
    • Engine Status (indicates whether your vehicle is on or off)

    • GPS Precision (the accuracy of the location of your vehicle)

    • Vehicle Speed (current speed of your vehicle)

    • Vehicle Last Seen (last update sent by your telematics device)

    • Fuel Level (the remaining fuel in your vehicle)

  2. The Temperature indicates the temperature of your telematics device in relation to your vehicle.
  3. Under Battery, the External Voltage indicates the voltage level of your vehicle’s battery. The Internal Voltage indicates the voltage level of your telematics device.


  1. Under the Trips tab, you'll see all the trips you've made. To select the Trips within a specific date and time range, simply use our filter to narrow it down.
  2. The Overall Trips is a summary of what you have filtered.

  3.  View all your Trips on the Trips Info (right panel of the platform) 

  4. To view each Trips Info in detail, click on any of your trips. Toggle the Speed Line to see what range of speed you were travelling at for that trip.


  1. Under the Info tab, further information on the vehicle can be viewed such as the Odometer, Last Seen, Engine Status, Subscription Renewal Date, Tags and customisable dates for important reminders for your vehicle.
  2. To set a date for the reminders, click on the date (in orange and underlined) and select the new date on the calendar dialogue box.

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