Searching for your Driver

  1. Click the Driver tab

  2. Select your Driver from the list or search for your Driver’s name. 

Creating a Driver

  1. To create your Driver profile, click the + symbol. 

  1. Fill in your Driver’s details and click Save.

Assigning a Driver to your vehicle

  1. To assign your vehicle to a Driver, select the driver from the list of Drivers.

  1. Click on the Edit Info icon.

  1. Click on (in orange and underlined) and choose the intended vehicle.

  1. Click Save.

Editing Driver details

  1. To edit the Driver’s details, click on the Edit Info icon.

  1. Make any necessary changes on the Driver’s details and click Save.

Deleting a Driver

  1. To delete a Driver, select the Driver from the list of Drivers and click Delete Driver.

v 1.0.0