Set up an area of interest on the map for your vehicle(s). Each time your assigned vehicle enters and exits the area, the user will receive a notification.

Searching for a Geofence

  1. Click the Geofence tab.

  2. Select your Geofence from the list or search for your Geofence’s name.

Creating a new Geofence

  1. To create a new Geofence, click the + symbol.

  1. Search the desired location in the Search Bar.

  2. Once you have found the location, click on the Hexagon icon (below search bar).

  1. Outline the desired area on the map by clicking and setting points on the map whereby a white square will appear on each click.

  1. A minimum of 4 points are required to create a Geofence in which the first and last points need to be the same point.

  2. Once the outline has been set, the white squares will disappear and look as in the image below.

  1. To finish creating your GeofenceName the Geofence, select the Zone Type and assign the Geofence to your vehicle(s).


   9. Click Save.

Editing a Geofence

  1. To edit a Geofence, select the intended Geofence from the Geofence’s list and click Edit Geofence.

  1. To change the Geofence’s NameType and Vehicle assigned, just key in and select thenecessary changes.

  2. To edit the outline of your Geofence click the Edit icon, drag the white squares as required. Once you’re done, click on the Green Tick button.

  1. Click Save.

V 1.0.0