The Dashboard allows the user to view various data regarding their vehicle(s) such as their number of vehicles, distance travelled and reports on violation.

  1. Click on Dashboard at the top right corner of the screen and a pop up window will appear.

  1. To view the Dashboard, click on it at the right side of the pop up window.

  1. First, key in or select your Vehicle or Select All vehicles.

  1. Then, select the Dates (the Dates will automatically be selected as a 1 week period) and click OK.

  1. Click Filter and the available information will be displayed.

Dashboard Sections

  1. The Dashboard shows details about your fleet. You can see your Total Vehicles on OmniFleet, the Total Drivers profile you created, the number of vehicles with Active Subscription and Expired Subscription.

  1. The Dashboard also allows you to view the driving statistics of your fleet. You can see the Idle Duration (duration when your vehicle engine is on but is stationary) of your fleet over a period of one week. The vehicles under Total Idle Duration shows the vehicles with the highest Idle time in the week.

  1. The Distance Travelled shows the distance travelled by the vehicles in your fleet during the week.

  1. The Active Duration allows you to see the duration the vehicles in your fleet are turned on and being driven. The vehicles under Total Active Duration shows the vehicles with the highest Active Duration during the week.

  1. Under the Top Speed and Total Distance, you can see which of your vehicles were driven the fastest and which vehicles were driven the furthest during the week.

  1. Under Common Violations, you can see the types of Violations, how many Violations have been committed by your fleet and which vehicle committed the most number of Violations.

V 1.0.0