Searching for your reports

  1. Click on Dashboard at the top right corner of the screen and a pop up window will appear.

  1. To view Reports click on it at the side of the pop up window.

  1. First, select your Vehicle to be viewed or Select All vehicles.

  1. Next, select the range of Dates to be viewed (required to select 2 Dates) and click OK.

  1. Then, select the Type of Reports to be viewed.

  1. Once done selecting, click Filter and the Reports will be shown. 

  1. You can also Download the Reports in Excel format.

Types of Reports

  1. The Idle Report shows the Idle Time of your Vehicle(s) during a Trip.

  1. The Speeding Report shows the Top Speed (km/h) of your Vehicle(s) during a Trip.

  1. The Trip Report shows details of a Trip such as the Total Duration and Total Violations.

  1. The Distance Report shows the Total Distance travelled during a Trip.

  1. The Violation Report shows the types of Violations committed and the number of times it is committed.

V 1.0.0