This guide allows users to utilise the mobile application efficiently.

Searching for a vehicle

First method

  1. Click on the menu tab on the top left corner of the screen, then click the Vehicle tab.

  1. Select your Vehicle from the list or enter the number plate of the specific Vehicle in the search bar. Adding the complete number plate details further aids in the search task.

  2. Once clicked, you'll see the information on your Vehicle

Second Method

  1. Additionally, through the main page of the app, click the third button from the top right corner of the Map view to open the Vehicle Search tool.

  2. Enter the number plate of the specific Vehicle.

  3. Click on the desired Vehicle and a small window will appear.

  1. Here, you can get a quick glance of information regarding your Vehicle such as the Vehicle StatusCurrent Speed, Vehicle Score (the percentage at the vehicle icon) and Fuel Level (if so equipped).

Vehicle Scoring

  1. The Vehicle Score is based on the violations of total trips.

  2. The calculations for the Vehicle Score are as follows:

  • Overspeed percentage (Percentage of a trip where you exceed 110km/h).

    • More than 10% = Bad (0 score)

    • 5-10% = Okay (1 score)

    • <5% = Good (2 score)

  • Rough driving (Number of violations included - Fast Acceleration, Hard Braking, Rough Driving, No Warmup,  Long Drive, High RPM).

    • More than 4 violations = Bad (0 score)

    • 2-4 violations = Okay (1 score)

    • <2 violations = Good (2 score)


  • Mileage (Total distance of your trip)

    • >70km = Bad (0 score)

    • 50-70km = Okay (1 score)

    • <50km = Good (2 score)

  • Total score = (Overspeed percentage score + Rough driving score + Mileage score) / 6 X 100%

Vehicle Info

  1. Within the specific Vehicle tab, the first page you’ll see is the Vehicle Info. Here, you can view information such as the Vehicle plate, Vehicle model, engine status,the last seen time, mileage and the important dates.


Vehicle Tracking Page

  1. Swiping left will bring you to Vehicle Tracking. Here, you can see the location of your vehicle.

  2. In addition to that, you also have access to the Vehicle functions (depending on subscription plan) like Locking and Unlocking your Vehicle door, trigger the HornHazards Lights and the Immobilisation and Mobilisation functions.

Vehicle Activity Page

  1. Swiping left once again will bring you to the Activity page where you can view every recorded Trip for the specific Vehicle.

  2.  Clicking on a specific Trip will show you the route taken by the specific Vehicle as well as other information like the Distance, Idling TimeActive Time, and counts of Violations.