Searching for your Driver

  1. Click on the menu tab on the top left corner of the screen, then click the Driver tab.

  1. Here, you may view the list of Drivers in your fleet. You can also Search for your Drivers in the Search bar.

  2. Within each Driver, you can view their ScoreTotal Distance covered, Overspeeding actions and Harsh Driving counts.

Adding Drivers

  1. Towards the top on the right, you may choose to Add Drivers into your fleet.

  2. After you select that, a menu will appear for you to key in the Driver’s details.

  3. Once done, click on Add Driver.


Editing Driver Details

  1. To edit the details of each Driver and assign him/her to a specific vehicle, click on the Edit icon.

  2. Key in the changes to be made to your Driver’s details.

  3. To assign your Driver to a specific vehicle, click on the vehicle plate number and a pop up window will appear.

  4. Select the vehicle that you want to assign that Driver to.

  5. Once done, click Save. 

Deleting a Driver

  1. To Delete a Driver, select the Driver from your list of Drivers.

  2. Then click on the Delete icon at the top right corner of the screen.