The Dashboard allows you to have an overall view of your vehicle(s) driving statistics.

  1. Click on the Menu tab on the top left corner of the screen, then click the Dashboard tab.


  1. Here, you can view the statistics of your fleet (e.g. Violations committed, Top Speed, Idle Duration).

  2. To view specific details of each vehicle, click on the Vehicle Filter to select a vehicle from the list.

  3. Filter out the Dates to get pin-point accurate information regarding your vehicle on that specific day.


  1. The pie chart shows the breakdown of Violations that occurred based on the colours listed for the Violations.

  2. Under Overview, you may toggle through the arrows to view the legend for the colours of the pie chart (i.e. Overspeed, Rough Driving, Hard Braking, Fast Acceleration).


  1. The Violations Overview shows you the total number of violations committed by your fleet vehicles.

  1. The Top Speed and Top distance shows you the fastest speed and the furthest distance driven during the past trips.

  1. The Active duration gives you the ability to view the total duration your vehicles were active and driven.

  1. The Idle duration shows the fleet owners the total time their fleet vehicles have been idling throughout the span of each specific day.