Disclaimer: features differ based on Subscription Plan

The top panel of the monitoring system can contain the following elements:




The logo of the monitoring system.

Main menu

The main menu of the monitoring system (see below). 


The icon of the main menu customizer (see below). 


The icon for logging in as another user. See more about this feature here.


The username used to log in to the system. Click on it to open the user menu.

Under the username, you can sometimes see notices and attention messages. This feature is also available in the management system (see more).

Main menu

Depending on the services activated for your account or billing plan, the main menu can contain different tabs for working with the system, and an icon for going to the applications.

Customizing the main menu

To select the elements which should be shown in the main menu, click on the icon and select the required ones. To hide the unnecessary items, clear their selection.

After selecting the elements, the main menu shows the tabs of the same names:

IconTab nameDescription

DashboardSummary information about the units from the Monitoring tab work list.

MonitoringTracking the location and the state of the units.

Tracks Getting tracks of the unit movement.

Messages Viewing the messages received from the unit.

Reports Running reports on various parameters of the units, drivers, trailers, etc.
Geofences Creating geographical zones and working with them.

Routes Creating routes and tracking rides along these routes.

Drivers Creating drivers and working with them, including assigning them to the units.

Trailers Creating trailers and working with them, including assigning them to the units.

Passengers Creating passengers and working with them, including assigning them to the units.

Jobs Creating and working with jobs which should be carried out according to the specified schedule.

Notifications Creating notifications for tracking the units and their parameters.
 Users Managing other users.

UnitsCreating, editing and deleting units.

Navigating between the tabs

To open the required tab, use one of the following methods:

  • click on the tab heading in the main menu; 
  • click on the item of the same name in the main menu customizer (in this case, the visible layer of the tab is also enabled);
  • use shortcuts.

The heading of the open tab is highlighted with a darker background. If too many tabs are selected, their names in the top panel are shortened or moved to the menu available by clicking on the icon .

When navigating between the tabs, the contents of the work area change. 

User menu

To open the user menu, click on the username in the top panel.

The following items can be available in the user menu:

Menu itemDescription
User settings

Opens the user settings for viewing and/or editing.

Session management

Allows you to see the list of authorized applications and mobile notifications.


Allows you to create temporary links so that unregistered users can track units without having an account (see more). 


Allows you to import and export the resource content, unit properties and user settings.

Quick start

Opens a tutorial which teaches you the basics of the monitoring system. The item is shown if the Quick start service is enabled for your account or billing plan.


Allows you to contact the technical support. 


Allows you to go to the help centre. 


Allows you to log out of the system.

To configure the Help and Support items, contact the technical support.

V 1.0.0