Disclaimer: features differ based on Subscription Plan

The commands sent to the unit by users are displayed on the Sent commands request. There is a special button in the monitoring panel to send commands to units.

The table includes the following columns.




The time when the command was sent to the unit.


The login name of the user who performed the command. If there is a dash in this cell, it means you have no access to this user, that is why the login name is hidden.

Command name

The command name as it is written in the unit properties.

Command type

The command type (see the list).


For the commands that require additional parameters (message to the driver, input activation/deactivation, report period, custom message, etc.).

Execution time

The time when the command was executed. If the execution failed due to billing limitations (e.g., you ran out of SMS messages), this column contains only dashes.


The type of connection used to transmit the command (TCPUDPVirtualSMS).

You can filter messages by parameters.