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Created geofences can be formed into groups. Groups are used to unite geofences on the basis of any criteria and serve as parameters of interval filtration in several report templates. Moreover, groups of geofences are used in the notifications of the corresponding type.

A group may contain only geofences belonging to the same resource as the group itself.

To work with groups, choose the corresponding mode in the Geofences panel.

To create a new group of geofences, click on the New button. Enter a name and description, and choose geofences to be included in a group. Click OK.

A list of created groups of geofences is displayed in the work area. Groups are arranged alphabetically. The same as for geofences, a filter or a dynamic search can be used for groups. Moreover, groups can be edited, copied, or deleted. Note that upon deleting a group you can not delete its contents.

Geofences not included in any group can be found in the Geofences outside groups.

Series of standard actions are available for geofences in a group (unfold a group in order the corresponding buttons to appear).


V 1.0.0