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In the monitoring panel, select the Drivers mode, click on the New button, and indicate the required parameters.


Give the driver a name that will be visible during the tracking process and in reports.


Specify a unique identification code of the driver. If you use the code for the automatic assignment of drivers, make sure that the code (including the case) corresponds to the parameter value of the sensor created for the automatic assignment. Otherwise, the assignment of the driver is not registered. 

For example, the avl_driver parameter is used for the created sensor of the Driver assignment type. In the message received from the unit, the parameter value is avl_driver=00000a777e10. In this case, you should specify 00000a777e10 in the Code field.


Type any comments (optional). It is shown in the driver's tooltip.

Phone number

Enter the driver's phone number. It will be shown in the driver's tooltip and can be used to send SMS messages to the driver and make calls.

Notes: Units or drivers with the same phone numbers cannot exist in the system.

If you attempt to create a driver with a phone number that is already reserved to another driver or unit, a special alert will be displayed, and this phone number will not be saved.

Mobile key

Password for mobile authorization.


If this option is enabled, this driver can be the only one assigned to the unit. In case you assign this driver (in real time) to a unit which already has one or more assigned drivers, these drivers are separated automatically. This option works only for drivers within a common resource.


To quickly identify a driver, you can attach their photo or any other image. To do this, press the Browse button and find and load an image from the disk. Supported formats are PNG, JPG, GIF, and SVG. In the driver's editing dialog you can delete an image used. To do so, point to it, and click on the appeared Delete button. Click OK to save changes, or Cancel to dismiss them.

Custom fields

Create driver's card adding any information as custom fields (information may include external links). They are shown in the driver's tooltip and can be summoned in reports. Custom fields with the same name cannot coexist within one particular driver.

At the end click OK. The new driver appears in the list.

Like any other resource contents, drivers can be imported and exported through files or directly from one resource to another. 

Notes: You cannot import or export driver groups.

V 1.0.0