Disclaimer: features differ based on Subscription Plan

Online tracking:

  • You can view passengers on the map. Despite not having their own coordinates, a passenger’s location can be determined on the basis of the unit they are assigned to or have been assigned to. To display a passenger on the map, check the box with their name in the left column of the Passengers panel. If the passenger is assigned to a unit, their icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the unit icon. If there is no assignment, the last known position of the passenger is shown.

In notifications:

  • You can configure the Passenger activity notification to get informed when the passenger gets into or out of a vehicle.

  • You can configure the Passenger alarm notification to get informed if the passenger does not leave a vehicle within an indicated time interval.

In reports:

  • Such report as Trips may include a column displaying a number of passengers transported by a unit as part of this trip.

  • Using the Advanced reports module, you can generate the Assignments table which shows the time and location of passengers' getting into and out of a vehicle, name of the unit used by passengers, duration of the trip, and so on.

V 1.0.0