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To create the Change access to units job, you should have:

  • the Create, edit, delete jobs access right to the resource in which you want to create the job;
  • the Manage user’s access rights to the users whose access you want to change;
  • the Use unit in jobs, notifications, routes, retranslators access right to units.
The creator of the resource in which the job is stored should also have the specified access right to units.

The Change access to units job allows changing the users’ access rights to units automatically, for example, grant or limit access to a certain unit. In this way, you can give the users temporary access to units, limit their access to units outside of working hours, etc.

To create a job of this type, follow the guide to creating jobs. In step 4, select the users and select a new set of rights for them as follows:

  • select the option in the left column if you want to add the access right;
  • select the option in the center column if you want to remove the access right;
  • select the option in the right column (selected by default) so that no changes are applied to the access right.

Before changing the users’ access rights, the system checks that the creators of the job and the resource in which it is stored have the required access rights. If they don’t have these rights anymore, the job is not carried out.

V 1.0.0