Disclaimer: features differ based on Subscription Plan

You can get the following information from the notification list:

Notification state ():
: notifiation is enabled,
: notification is disabled.

: the number of activations.

: the number of units to which the notification is applied.

Control type


: speed;
: geofences;
: alarm (SOS);
: digital input activation/deactivation;
: sensor value;
: parameter in a message;
: connection loss;
: idling;
: SMS;
: interposition of units;
: address visit;
: excess of messages;
: fuel filling;
: fuel theft;
: route progress;
: driver control;
: trailer control;
: maintenance (service intervals);

: email;
: SMS;
: online pop-up window;
: mobile notifications sending;
: POST/GET request sending;
: event registration;
: violation registration;
: command execution;
: modify users access level;
: manipulate counters;
: register unit status;
: modify unit groups;
: send a report by email;
: icon change;
: create new ride;
: reset driver;
: reset trailer;
2, 3, and so on: if several notification actions are chosen, a digital indicator shows the quantity of such actions.

Point to a notification to see detailed information in the tooltip: control type, parameters, actions, lifetime, max triggers, text, and resource (if available).

You can perform the following actions with notifications:

  • /: enable/disable a notification,

  • : enable/disable all notifications at once,

  • : edit notification settings,

  • : create a new notification, using the current one as a basis,

  • : delete a notification.

If you only have a viewing access right to the resource where the notification is located, you cannot edit or delete it, and some icons look inactive:

  • /: you cannot change notification state,_scroll_external/attachments/disabled0-df054fc1e03e08bc3db0e193850515d6cee87423d70e7818d341985403b88455.png
  • : you can only view notification properties, editing not available,

  • : you cannot delete the notification.

The notifications are listed in alphabetical order. Use the dynamic filter to find the required notification.

If you have access to several resources, you can filter notifications based on the resource to which they belong. To view the notifications of a particular resource, select it in the drop-down list above the table.

V 1.0.0