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On this tab, you can watch live streams from the unit cameras.

Unit list

The work area contains a list of units for which cameras are configured. If the device type supports the function of live streaming, the number of configured cameras is specified to the right of each unit name. If the function is not supported, the unit is not available for selection and the icon is displayed next to its name. Above the list, there is a dynamic search to quickly find units by name and an option to sort the units alphabetically.

To watch live streams from the unit cameras, click on the unit name in the list.

Live streams

In the right part of the window, you can see live streams from all the cameras configured in the properties of the selected unit. To watch live streams only from certain cameras, click on the icon and select the required cameras. To configure cameras in the unit properties, click on the icon.

When watching live streams, the following functions are available:



Stop live streams.

Play live streams. After clicking on this icon, the video is played in real time again.

Switch to full screen.

Exit the full-screen mode. You can use the Esc key instead.

If the live stream does not load within 30 seconds after selecting the unit, click on the block with the live stream to try again.

V 1.0.0