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On this tab, you can get videos for the past period (playbacks) from the unit cameras and save the required excerpts as files.

Requesting a playback

To request a playback, follow the steps below.

  1. In the drop-down list, select the unit the playback of which you want to request. The list shows units for which cameras are configured. If the device type does not support the playback function, the unit is not available for selection and the icon is displayed next to its name.

  2. Select the camera the playback from which you want to watch.

  3. Specify the period for which you want to request the playback. You can select the period in the calendar or enter it in the field manually. When specifying the period, consider the following:

  • The duration of the period cannot go beyond 24 hours.

  • You can specify a present or a past date. By default, the 24-hour period of the previous date is selected.

  • The end time should not be earlier than the start time.

  • If a present date is specified, and the end time has not come yet, the playback is requested up to now.

  1. Click Request.

When switching from the Video tab to another one before the playback is loaded, the system notifies you by means of a pop-up message as soon as it is loaded.

Requesting a playback does not influence the traffic consumption because you request only a list of files stored in the device memory. The traffic is consumed when watching the playback. 

Working with a playback

The requested playback is displayed in the right part of the window. To watch it, click on the play icon or move the slider on the timeline. 

The timeline can consist of white and grey segments. A white segment means that there is no data for this period, and a grey one means that the playback is available.

When watching playbacks, the following functions are available:



Play video.

Pause video.

Switch to full screen.

Exit the full-screen mode. You can use the Esc key instead.

Saving a playback to files

You can save the required playback excerpt as a file which is later available on the Files tab, in messages, and in reports. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Move the slider to the required place on the timeline.

  2. Click on the icon .
  3. In the left part of the window, specify the duration before and after the event in seconds. The minimum allowed value is 1, and the maximum value is 30. The duration of the file you want to save is equal to the sum of the specified values and is displayed above the timeline as a red segment. If the timeline part which corresponds to it contains intervals with no data, the number and duration of saved files is equal to the number and duration of intervals with available data.

  4. In the drop-down list, select a tag which corresponds to the event from the saved excerpt (optional).

  5. Click on the Save to files button.

  6. If you want to save one or several excerpts of the same playback, move the slider and repeat steps 3 – 5. To exit the file saving mode, click on the cross.

If you save excerpts from different cameras of the same unit and they have the same date and time of the event, such fragments are grouped into one file.

In addition to the manual saving, you can configure the automatic saving of files in WemoFleet. To do this, create a notification with the Save a video as a file action.

V 1.0.0