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This tab is designed for working with files saved manually or automatically.

Unit list

The work area contains a list of units for which cameras are configured. If the device type does not support the function of saving files, the unit is not available for selection and the icon is displayed next to its name. Above the list, there is a dynamic search to quickly find units by name and an option to sort the units alphabetically.

Click on the unit name to see a list of its files.

File list

The list contains all the saved files of the unit. They are sorted by the date and time of the video excerpts. The tag of the event type is displayed below the date and time, if specified. To filter files by the event type, select the required type in the drop-down list above them.

Above the file list, the following icons are available:

Proceed to the bulk deletion of files.

Open the calendar.

Open the unit properties to configure its cameras.

Go back to the unit list.

To see the files for a specific date, select it in the calendar. You can also specify a time period within the selected date. To go back to the file list, cancel the date selection by clicking on the cross.


To watch the video excerpt, click on the file name.

Watching files

The video is displayed in the right part of the window. When watching it, the following functions are available:



Play video.

Pause video.

Switch to full screen.

Exit the full-screen mode. You can use the Esc key instead.

Delete the file.

In case of grouped files, video excerpts from different cameras of the unit are played simultaneously. The files saved manually are grouped if they have the same date and time of the event, regardless of its type. The files saved automatically are grouped if they were saved when the same notification was triggered and their date, time, and event type match. To hide a video excerpt, click on the icon and clear the selection of its camera. Select the camera to play the video excerpt simultaneously with the others. 

Deleting files in bulk

To delete several files at once, follow the steps below.


  1. Select the unit the files of which you want to delete.

  2. Click on the icon .
  3. Select the files you want to delete or check the box above their list to select all at once.

    • Click on the icon .

V 1.0.0