Disclaimer: features differ based on Subscription Plan 

To work with the General tab, you should have the following access rights: 

  • View custom fields — to see the unit type;

  • Manage custom fields — to edit the unit type;

  • Edit connectivity settings — to see and edit the device type, unique ID, phone number, and password.

This tab contains the main unit properties. To save a unit in the system, it is enough to fill in the fields marked with an asterisk (*). But in order for the unit to connect to WemoFleet and be able to send messages, you should also fill in the Unique ID field.


The name of the unit in the system (4-50 characters). It shouldn't contain “(double quotes), {} (curly braces), \ (backslash).

Unit type

In this field, you can select one of the suggested unit types: vehicle, person, animal, container, machine, etc. To cancel the selection, click on the icon.

If the value Vehicle is selected, and the vehicle type and subtype are not indicated on the Profile tab, then the link Specify the vehicle type is displayed next to the Unit type field. Click on the link to go to the vehicle type and subtype selection.

Device type*

The type of device installed on the unit. Start typing the name of the device model or find it in the drop-down list. If the required device is not listed, you can send a request for its integration.

The three device types you use most frequently are shown on the right. You can select them with a click.

The icon is displayed next to the field for some device types. Click on it to open the Device configuration window with additional settings available for the selected type.

Server address

The domain name or IP address of the server (switched with the button ) to which the data is sent, and the port of the hardware. The field is filled in automatically after selecting the device type.

Unique ID

The identification number of the device in the system. It can be the IMEI, serial number, or a custom value. The IMEI and serial number are usually indicated on the tracker. 

The maximum length is 100 characters.

Units shouldn't have the same Unique ID. If you create a unit with an ID which is already used for another unit, this value is not saved.

Phone number

The phone number of the SIM card installed in the device. It should be indicated in the international format (for example, +6 01X XXX XXXX). If the device supports two SIM cards, you can specify the second number.

Units and drivers shouldn't have the same phone number. If you create a unit with a phone number which is already used for another unit or driver, this value is not saved.


The password of access to the unit which is required in some device types to execute commands and receive data.


The user on whose behalf the unit has been created. The username is displayed only if you have any access rights to this user. Read more about the creator.


The account to which the unit belongs. It is shown only if you have any access rights to this account.

On the General tab, you can also see and configure counters which can be used to calculate mileage, engine hours, and GPRS traffic.

V 1.0.0