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On the Icon tab of the unit properties, you can select or load any image to display your unit on the map and on different unit lists.

The required access rights: Change icon to choose an icon for a unit; Edit not mentioned properties to rotate unit icon.

To display a unit, you can either use standard icons (click the Icon library button) or upload a custom image from your computer. To upload an image from the computer, click on the current icon, select an image on your computer, and press OK. Supported formats are PNG, JPG, GIF, and SVG. Recommended image size is 32x32 pixels.

To delete the current icon, hover the cursor over it and click the Delete button. The current icon changes to the default one.

Depending on the course, the unit icon can rotate to show the direction of movement. To do this, enable the Rotate icon option. It is recommended to select an icon that looks strictly north (i. e. up), otherwise, the rotation of the icon may be misleading.

If the unit has the icon by default, and the group into which it is included, has the icon not by default, the unit takes over the group icon. It should be noted that in this case, the icon of the group does not rotate, even if the corresponding box was checked.

V 1.0.0