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To work with the Icon tab, you should have the following access rights:

  • Change icon. To choose an icon for the unit.
  • Edit not mentioned properties. To enable and disable the Rotate icon option.

On this tab of the unit properties, you can select an icon which is used to identify the unit on the map and in the unit lists.


You can use either standard or custom icons. To select a standard icon, click on the Icon library button. To upload a custom icon, click on the chosen icon, select the image on the disk, and click OK. Supported formats are PNG, JPG, GIF, and SVG. The recommended image size is 32×32 pixels. To replace the icon with a standard one, point to the image and click on the icon .

If you want the unit icon to rotate on the map depending on the direction of its movement, enable the Rotate icon option. To make it easier to determine the direction of movement, use an icon which is directed strictly upwards (for example, like this: ).

If you use a default icon for the unit and select an icon for the group to which it is added, the latter is displayed for the unit as well. In this case, the Rotate icon option doesn't work.

V 1.0.0