Disclaimer: features differ based on Subscription Plan

Below in this section, you can find detailed descriptions of the tables available for units and unit groups.

The Fuel trafficImagesMessages tracing and Video tables are not available for unit groups.

A report template for units and unit groups can contain any number of tables and charts. You can even add the same table type several times with different configuration of columns, data grouping, and other settings.

To add any of the tables mentioned above to the template, click on the Add table button and select the table from the list.

Each table type has its own set of columns that can be included in it. After the table type is selected, the list of available columns is displayed below. Select the columns which should be included in the resulting table. To select all columns at once, press Ctrl and check any box. To deselect all columns, repeat the same operation. This combination works also for the reports where you choose geofences, events, etc.

You can assign other names to column headings. To do this, click on the title and edit the text. In the same way, you can change the name of the table itself (the Name field at the top of the dialog). To restore the default column names, use the Restore default button(if it is grey, the current name is the default).

Besides, you can change the order of the columns. Drag the double-arrow sign up/down to move them up and down.

V 1.0.0