Disclaimer: features differ based on Subscription Plan

The top panel is a part of the interface which, depending on the account type and enabled services, can contain the following elements:

  • management system logo;
  • button for going to the Dashboard;
  • number of days left until the account is blocked (if the Block by days option is enabled);
  • number of SMS messages which can be sent before reaching the limit (shown only for top accounts);
  • number of units which can be created before reaching the limit (shown only for top accounts);
  • сurrent time (a time zone is specified in brackets);
  • icon for logging in as another user;
  • username (if you have logged in as another user, the name of this user is specified in brackets next to yours). A click on the username opens the user menu.

If the current time is shown in red, it means that the connection with the server has been lost. This can be caused by a lack of internet connection or internal problems of the service.

User menu

The user menu opens after clicking on the username.

The following items can be available in the menu:

Menu itemDescription
User settingsOpens the user settings for viewing and/or editing.
Import/ExportAllows you to transfer unit properties, user settings, resource contents (see Import and export).
Session managementAllows you to see the list of authorized applications and mobile notifications.
Service hierarchyAllows you to see the information about the service hierarchy. Available only for top accounts and accounts with dealer rights.
HelpAllows you to go to the help centre. To configure this item, contact technical support.

Allows you to log out of the system (end the session).

For top accounts, additional menu items are available:

  • Activate modules: for activating additional modules and service packages;
  • Converter: for converting some objects from the metric measurement system to the imperial one, and vice versa;

Logging in as another user

You can log in to the management system on behalf of other (subordinate) users. To do this, you should have the Act on behalf of this user access right to them.

There are three ways to log in as another user:

  • from the login page (the same feature is available in the monitoring system);
  • using the icon in the top panel (also available in the monitoring system);

  • using the icon in the Users section

Notices and attention messages

Below the username, you can see notices from the service administrator. To receive them, the Notices to users service should be enabled for your account.

In addition, here you can see attention messages about blocking your account. These messages don’t depend on the Notices to users service.

Notices are shown in a blue frame, and attention messages in a red one.