Disclaimer: features differ based on Subscription Plan

To open the billing plan properties, click on its name in the table.

On the General tab, you can specify the basic settings of the billing plan related to the blocking of accounts, data storage and so on. Some of these settings you can specify manually for each separate account.

The table below shows the properties available on this tab.

NameThe name of the billing plan (4–50 characters). See more about the input rules here.
Block by balanceThe balance state (amount of money) at which the users of accounts with this billing plan cannot log in to the system.
Limit by balanceThe balance state at which some services and access to CMS Manager should be disabled for accounts with this billing plan. This option works similar to the same-name option in the account properties.
Block by days

The number of remaining days at which access to the system is blocked. Five days before the blocking, the user begins to receive a warning message when logging in to the system, which contains the number of days before the account is blocked.

Blocking by days doesn't depend on the balance state. If the values for blocking by days and by balance are specified at the same time, then the account is blocked according to one of these conditions which comes first.

If necessary, you can enable or disable the three options mentioned above. If enabled, they are usually set to 0. You can find and change the balance state (money and days) in the account properties.

Currency formatThe symbol of currency. It is specified before or after %.02f. For example, %.02f$.

History period

The time period during which the unit history (the database with messages from the unit), the user logs and the unit log are stored in the system. You can specify the data storage period in days or months (select in the drop-down list). All messages older than the storage period are deleted from the database automatically. You can also specify this property for each account individually, but its value cannot be greater than the one set in the billing plan.

The video files received in messages from the unit are stored for 30 days regardless of the history period indicated in the billing plan or account properties. This limitation doesn't apply to watching videos or live videos when the data is stored on third-party servers.

DescriptionThe description of the billing plan (optional).