Disclaimer: features differ based on Subscription Plan

On this tab of the unit properties, you can configure cameras for getting live streamsplaybacks, and saving files. The tab is available only for devices that support video.

To access the Video tab, the Video monitoring service should be activated in the properties of the user account or billing plan. To work with the Video tab, the following access rights to the unit are required:

  • View item and its basic properties: to view the tab,

  • Edit not mentioned properties: to configure the cameras.

The table of the connected cameras contains three columns.



Camera number

The number of the camera.

Camera name

The name of the camera (editable field). The maximum length is 50 characters. The indicated name is used to denote the camera in the rest of the interface.

Automatic saving

An option which allows saving videos from the unit cameras when a notification with the Save a video as a file action is triggered.

If the table does not contain all the required cameras or contains unnecessary ones, click Set cameras and select those that should be used for live streaming, getting playbacks, and saving files. Click OK to apply the changes.

V 1.0.0