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Almost any unit properties can be imported and exported.



General properties

Unit name, device type, phone number(s), unique ID(s), device access password (from the General tab).


Icon of the unit and the state of the Rotate icon checkbox.

To transfer an individual icon, you must have the View item and its basic properties right towards a unit the icon of which you are going to transfer.

Device configuration

Device configuration parameters (from the General tab).


The current values of counters and their calculation parameters (from the General tab).

Report properties

Parameters used in reports, as well as speeding and driver activity parameters from the Advanced tab.

Advanced properties

Color parameters and messages filtration parameters from the Advanced tab.


Contents of the Sensors tab.

Custom fields

Contents of the Custom fields tab.

Admin fields

Available admin fields from the Custom fields tab.


Contents of the Commands tab.

Eco Driving

Contents of the Eco driving tab.


Contents of the Profile tab.

Trip detector

Contents of the Trip detector tab.

Fuel consumption

Contents of the Fuel consumption tab.

Service intervals

Contents of the Service intervals tab.

An exception is user access and group membership (if you want to transfer such data, it's better to use the copy function), as well as information about the creator and account.

Units with the same unique ID within one device type, as well as units or drivers with the same phone numbers, cannot exist in the system. If you attempt to import such fields, their values are emptied, and you can edit them later.

V 1.0.0