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To perform these operations, you should have access rights to the objects, properties, characteristics, etc. you want to export and/or import. Consider the following restrictions:

  • you can export only those properties or contents from an object to which you have any access in the source object (you should have at least the right to view them);
  • you can import only those properties or contents to an object to which you have the right to edit in the destination object (that is, the right of the Create, edit, delete… type).

The import and export function allows you to copy various objects and their properties to a separate file or to another object. To use this function, select the Import and export item in the user menu of the management system or monitoring system.

You can import/export:

When exporting data, you can select which properties, settings, objects etc. you want to copy. Then save them to a file or to another object. 

Export to a file

You can use data saved to a file when creating new objects. For example, if you use the same sensor settings, you can save them to a file and import to new units.

The system supports two file formats:

WLPAn internal format which is used to store the WemoFleet system data. This format allows you to export and import resource contents, unit properties, and user settings.
KML (KMZ, if compressed)A format which is used to display geospatial data on two-dimensional maps. This format allows you to export and import geofences from one resource to another or from third-party sources.

Export to an object

This function allows you to quickly copy data from one object to another of the same type (or to several objects). For example, you can copy geofences created in one resource to another resource. 

V 1.0.0